I was born on 11.03.1953, and study and work in Skopje, Macedonia.

In 1999, i began painting. Currently, I work part time in the art studio of the painter Ergic Ljilja. I worked and learned
from my:

- brother designer Mecalov Kostadin,
- sister architect Pancevska Cvetanka - specialty designing churches,
- aunt naiv painter Andreevska Ljuba ,
- uncle sculpturist Andreevski Tome.

My art includes different types of motives and themes. One aspect of my paintings are abstract and non-objective, and do not represent anything in particular. Rather, they are a construction of brush and trowel marks, colors, tones, layers of paint, and surface texture. I hope to strike a chord with my viewer so that they are intrigued and mesmerized by what they are seeing. The paintings are abstract expressionistic in form, a freedom and spontaneity that is clearly evident.

Another part of my art are the landscape paintings. My surroundings figure prominently in much of my work, and many 
of my paintings are inspired by my real life experiences. I have a particular affection for different landscapes, unique
places in the world, nature and stil life. My style combines abstract elements with realism, drawing attention to the
feelings of life seen through my eyes trying to find beauty where no one else had though to look.

I use acrylic paints and mediums to achieve the effect of layers, vibrant color, and high energy. My art is delivered in three
different forms:

- Paintings
- Wooden logs
- Bottles


What is said about the painter:

- A painter always has faith for everything, even when he has lost it.
- Nothing bothers a painter so much as his desire to be natural.
- A painter has three maxims: to be born, to live, and to die. He knows when he was born, he does not suffer in
the face of death, and he does not forget to live.
- No matter what color you paint over him, the painter always remains the same inside.
- Contemporary medicine can make a man into anything, except a painter.
- If painting has an end, then it did not have a beginning.
- There are two ways in which a painter can lose himself: by lending him money, or by painting his portrait.
- Days of painting are the days worth living for.
- A painter’s fame is like a poison, which must be consumed slowly.
- Everything is in the painter’s hands; that is why he has to wash them so often.
- No day is too long to those who enjoy painting.
- There are painters today who destroy themselves by painting, only to provide a decent living.
- Painters paint with pleasure, only to avoid the tedium of work.
- The biggest challenge that a painter must confront is knowing everything he has to do to be a painter.